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Zhejiang Sanmen Nuclear Power Project is a nuclear electricity project of self-dependence support approved by state council in order to adapt the requirement of social development and structure adjustment for energy sources in our country, and meet the electricity supply demands resulted from the fast development of economy of Zhejiang province. The State Council approved the first phase of Sanmen nuclear power project on July 21, 2003. The State Development and Reform Committee also passed the project suggesting report of phase one of Sanmen nuclear power project on Sept. 1, 2004, and approved to build 6x1000MW nuclear power units in Sanmen site, two units of phase one with introduce into the international advanced technology of third generation of PWR through inviting international bidding. According to the planning, Sanmen nuclear power project will start construction in 2007, and the first unit will put into operation in 2011.

The board of directors and the board of surveillants of Sanmen NPP built on Apr. 8, 2005. The board of directors consists of five shareholders: China National Nuclear Corporation, Zhejiang Energy Company (Group) Ltd., China Electricity Investment Nuclear Power Company, China Huadian Company Ltd. and China Nuclear Enginerring and Construction Corporation. The Sanmen Nuclear Power Company founded on Apr. 17, 2005, is the owner of Sanmen nuclear power project, and takes the responsibility for building this project as like a demonstration project. At present, The preliminary civil work of the site such as leveling ground, constructing road, providing water supply, power supply and telecommunication facilities has been completed, which lays a sound foundation for the formal starting of the project.

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